Thursday 4 July 2013

How to Defend the Faith Properly

1. With Charity
Be charitable when you teach other people. As soon as you lose charity, you lose the help of God's grace. If God so willed that you should debate or talk about a topic of the faith, he will be on your side so long as you are charitable.

2. Is your opponent uncharitable? Don't Debate
Such people are too deep into their emotions to debate. Catholics must only debate with people who are prepared with reason and sensibility.

You may calm your opponent down, by telling them things slowly, listening to them, and taking it one step at a time. But if this cannot happen, the debate should end, and keep your peace.

3. Debate using a common belief.
Don't try to prove to a protestant by making reference to the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Why? Because that is not proof to a protestant. However, you may make reference to the bible, because that is a common belief between you and your opponent.

4. Really, is your opponent too patriotic to change his views?
If he is really stuck into what he believes in, it's no bother. It's better to end on a good note, and leave it to the grace of god to change him.

5. Your biggest proof is your charity.
Don't be silly, don't show hatred, don't show lack of sincerity. Make sure when your opponent leaves, that he can accuse of everything, but he cannot accuse you of lacking charity.

Hope this Helps.
Be Charitable! Share with your fellow debaters and apologists.

What is Charity?

The End of Charity is God
Charity is love rendered to God. This means, we do good acts because we know God will be pleased with us. Say we do a nice act for a friend, a brother or sister, or even an enemy. If that act is performed with the intention of doing good, it is an act of charity. If the end of the act is to derive some sort of happiness, and not necessarily done for the sake of goodness, this can be called Human Love.

The End of Charity is God. This means, that whatever act is done, with whatever intention it may be, there must be simultaneously an intent to do God's will, or rather, to do what God would want you to do. When a good act is done for our enemies, it is most likely not an act of Human love, but rather, a complete giving of ourselves for the glory of God. Why? Because hardly is any pleasure derived from doing an act of charity towards an enemy. And even if there is consequentially human happiness derived from doing an act of charity towards our enemies, God will reward you in full because you didn't expect it.

Be Charitable!